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Growing up on PEI, I was either in a dance class, playing make-believe games (only child over here) or taking photos with whatever camera I could get my hands on. I always loved photography and it simply came naturally to me, but I never imagined it would lead me here. During my BFA in Dance, I enrolled in as many film photography courses as my schedule allowed and after school I dove headfirst into freelancing. Things really clicked when I shot my first wedding. I loved the aspect of storytelling, the creative freedom, and challenge of capturing such fast-paced fleeting moments.

 I bring an artistic sensibility and thoughtful eye to wedding and portrait photography that is unique to me, but I still may not be the photographer for you! The thing is, I'm not interested in creating perfectly posed moments or flawless photos for a curated grid. I'm committed to capturing authentic moments that evoke an emotional response. I don't want you to think you won't get crisp, detailed, social-media-worthy photos – you absolutely will! But when I lift a camera to my eye, it's because I see something beautiful that I'm aching to preserve and that's what moves me forward. I can't wait to meet you!